Programme at a glance
Information about presentations
Detailed programme


Programme at a glance

Monday, May 28

  • 08:15-09:00 Registration
  • 09:00-09:20 Opening
  • 09:20-10:40 Oral 1 [User Studies]
  • 11:00-12:30 Oral 2 [Research]
  • 14:00-15:30 Poster 1 [User Studies, Projects]
  • 16:00-17:30 Poster 2 [Projects]
  • 17:30-18:15 EAMT business meeting
  • 19:00-20:30 Welcome Reception

Tuesday, May 29

Wednesday, May 30

  • 08:45-10:15 Oral 4 [Research]
  • 10:30-12:00 Oral 5 [Research]
  • 12:00-12:10 Closing remarks


Information about presentations

  • Oral presentations: talks on research track papers are allotted 25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions from the audience. Talks on user track papers are allotted 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions. Please ensure that your presentation does not exceed the allotted length. Presentations must be uploaded on the conference computer before the session starts. The conference computer is equipped with Windows 7 OS, MS Office 2010, and Adobe Reader X 10.1; if you are not sure your PowerPoint presentation is properly handled by our Office version, please consider to convert it into PDF format.
  • Poster presentations: the size of the poster panel available to each presenter is about 1 meter (width) x 2 meters (height). Poster numbers will be assigned to each paper; material will  be provided by assistants. Short boaster sessions  are arranged (see detailed program below) for presenting posters of research and user papers: in 1 minute - without slides - try to convince people to come and see your work!


Detailed programme

Available here in pdf format.


Monday, May 28









Oral Session 1 – User Papers


09:20- 09:40

From Subtitles to Parallel Corpora

M. Fishel, Y. Georgakopoulou, S. Penkale, V. Petukhova, M. Rojc, M. Volk, A. Way


Building English-Chinese and Chinese-English MT engines for the computer software domain

M. Khalilov, R. Choudhury


Statistical Machine Translation prototype using UN parallel documents

B. Pouliquen, C. Mazenc, C. Elizalde, J. Garcia-Verdugo


User Evaluation of Interactive Machine Translation Systems

V. Alabau, L. A. Leiva, D. Ortiz-Martínez, F. Casacuberta



Coffee Break



Oral Session 2 – Research Papers



Translate, Predict or Generate: Modeling Rich Morphology in Statistical Machine Translation

A. El Kholy, N. Habash


Exploiting Shared Chinese Characters in Chinese Word Segmentation Optimization for Chinese-Japanese Machine Translation

C. Chu, T. Nakazawa, D. Kawahara, S. Kurohashi


Hebrew Morphological Preprocessing for Statistical Machine Translation

N. Singh, N. Habash



Poster boaster (1 minute each) – User Papers of Poster Session 1






Poster Session 1 – User and Project Papers


User Papers:

·      Building Translation Awareness in Occasional Authors: A User Case from Japan

M. Tatsumi, A. Hartley, H. Isahara, K. Kageura, T. Okamoto, K. Shimizu

·      Efficiency-based evaluation of aligners for industrial applications

A. Toral, M. Poch, P. Pecina, G. Thurmair

·      Evaluation of Machine-Translated User Generated Content: A pilot study based on User Ratings

L. Mitchell, J. Roturier

·      A Machine Translation Toolchain for Polysynthetic Languages

P. Homola

·      EASTIN-CL: A multilingual front-end to a database of Assistive Technology products

G. Thurmair, A. Agnoletto, V. Gower, R. Rozis

·      Towards the Integration of MT into a LSP Translation Workflow

D. Vilar, M. Schneider, A. Burchardt,  T. Wedde

·      Context-Aware Machine Translation for Software Localization

V. Muntés-Mulero, P. Paladini Adell, C. España-Bonet, L. Màrquez


Project Papers:

·      Virtus™: Translation for Structured Data

·      MOLTO - Multilingual On-Line Translation

·      AIDA: Automatic Identification and Glossing of Dialectal Arabic

·      CESAR - Central and South-East European Resources

·      BOLOGNA - Bologna Translation Service



Coffee break



Poster Session 2 – Project Papers


·      ACCEPT - Automated Community Content Editing PorTal

·      PANACEA - Platform for Automatic, Normalised Annotation and Cost-Effective Acquisition of Language Resources for Human Language Technologies

·      ATLAS - Automatic Translation into Sign Languages

·      FAUST - Feedback Analysis for User adaptive Statistical Translation

·      EU-BRIDGE - Bridges Across the Language Divide

·      GF Eclipse Plugin: an IDE for grammar development in GF

·      CrossLang Moses SMT Production System

·      Embedding Machine Translation in ATLAS Content Management System

·      TTC - Terminology Extraction, Translation Tools and Comparable Corpora   

·      Confident MT - Estimating Translation Quality for Improved Statistical Machine Translation

·      PET: a Tool for Post-editing and Assessing Machine Translation

·      LetsMT! - Do-It-Yourself Machine Translation Factory on the Cloud



EAMT Business meeting


18:15 Closure



           Welcome Reception


Tuesday, May 29



Best EAMT thesis: Stream-based Statistical Machine Translation

Abby Levenberg



Invited Talk:  The Unavoidable Adoption of Machine Translation

Donald A. DePalma

Chief Strategy Officer and Founder of Common Sense Advisory, Inc.



Coffee break



Oral Session 3 – Research Papers



Cross-lingual Sentence Compression for Subtitles

W. Aziz, S. C. M. de Sousa, L. Specia


Can Automatic Post-Editing Make MT More Meaningful?

K. Parton, N. Habash, K. McKeown, G. Iglesias, A. de Gispert


Evaluating User Preferences in Machine Translation Using Conjoint Analysis

K. Kirchhoff, D. Capurro, A. Turner




Poster boaster (1 minute each) – Research Papers of Poster Session 3






Poster Session 3 – Research and Project Papers


Research Papers:

·      Cascaded Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation Systems

D. Tufiş,  S.D. Dumitrescu

·      Hybrid Parallel Sentence Mining from Comparable Corpora

D. Ștefănescu, R. Ion, S. Hunsicker

·      Domain Adaptation of Statistical Machine Translation using Web-Crawled Resources: A Case Study

P. Pecina, A. Toral, V. Papavassiliou, P. Prokopidis, J. van Genabith

·      Relevance Ranking for Translated Texts

M. Turchi, J. Steinberger, L. Specia

·      Automatic Tune Set Generation for Machine Translation with Limited In-domain Data

J. Chen, J. Devlin, H. Cao, R. Prasad, P. Natarajan

·      Domain Adaptation in SMT of User-Generated Forum Content Guided by OOV Word Reduction: Normalization and/or Supplementary Data?

P. Banerjee, S. K. Naskar, J. Roturier, A. Way, J. van Genabith

·      Long-distance reordering during search for hierarchical phrase-based SMT

F. Braune, A. Gojun, A. Fraser

·      Mixture-Modeling with Unsupervised Clusters for Domain Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation

R. Sennrich

·      Extending CCG-based Syntactic Constraints in Hierarchical Phrase-Based SMT

H. Almaghout, J. Jiang, A. Way


Project Papers:

·      MosesCore - Moses Open Source Evaluation and Support Co-ordination for OutReach and Exploitation

·      MateCat - Machine Translation Enhanced Computer Assisted Translation

·      SUMAT - An online service for SUbtitling by MAchine Translation

·      transLectures - Transcription and Translation of Video Lectures

·      ACCURAT - Analysis and Evaluation of Comparable Corpora for Under Resourced Areas of Machine Translation

·      CoSyne - a Project on Multilingual Content Synchronization with Wikis

·      LT-Innovate - The Forum for Europe's Language Technology Industry

·      TOSCA-MP - Task-oriented search and content annotation for media production

·      Organic.Lingua - Demonstrating the Potential of a multilingual Web portal for Sustainable Agricultural & Environmental Education



Coffee break



Poster boaster (1 minute each) – Research Papers of Poster Session 4



Poster Session 4 – Research Papers


·      Flexible finite-state lexical selection for rule-based machine translation

F. M. Tyers, F. Sánchez-Martínez, M. L. Forcada

·      Statistical Post-Editing of Machine Translation for Domain Adaptation

R. Rubino, S. Huet, F. Lefèvre, G. Linarès

·      Crowd-based MT Evaluation for non-English Target Languages

M. Paul, E. Sumita, L. Bentivogli, M. Federico

·      Readability and Translatability Judgments for “Controlled Japanese”

A. Hartley, M. Tatsumi, H. Isahara, K. Kageura, R. Miyata

·      A Phrase Table without Phrases: Rank Encoding for Better Phrase Table Compression

M. Junczys-Dowmunt

·      Creating Term and Lexicon Entries from Phrase Tables

G. Thurmair, V. Aleksić

·      WIT3: Web Inventory of Transcribed and Translated Talks

M. Cettolo, C. Girardi, M. Federico

·      A Hybrid System for Patent Translation

R. Enache, C. España-Bonet, A. Ranta, L. Màrquez




17:30 Closure

18:00 Social dinner 

   Best paper award: Can  Automatic Post-Editing Make MT More Meaningful?

    K. Parton, N. Habash, K. McKeown, G. Iglesias, A. de Gispert


Wednesday, May 30



Oral Session 4 – Research Papers



Hierarchical Sub-sentential Alignment with Anymalign

A. Lardilleux, F. Yvon, Y. Lepage


Adjunct Alignment in Translation Data with an Application to Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation

S. Arnoult, K. Sima’an


LTG vs. ITG Coverage of Cross-Lingual Verb Frame Alternations

K. Addanki, C. Lo, M. Saers, D. Wu



Coffee break



Oral Session 5 – Research Papers



Learning Machine Translation from In-domain and Out-of-domain Data

M. Turchi, C. Goutte, N. Cristianini


Discriminative Reordering Extensions for Hierarchical Phrase-Based Machine Translation

M. Huck, S. Peitz, M. Freitag, H. Ney


Pivot-based Machine Translation between Statistical and Black Box systems

A. Toral



Closing Remarks